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        1. Small Business

          Use AmTrust Online to
          access your account information.
          Coverage Your Small Business
          Can Depend On

          Our insurance products are designed to meet
          the needs of nearly every type of business.
          go green
          Go Green Program

          We save you time and paper by providing your policy documentation digitally.

          small business insurance

          We make it easy for you to make payments and more through a variety of options.

          small business insurance

          AmTrust prides itself on handling claims
          expertly and expeditiously.

          Your Small Business Insurance Solution

          As an insurance industry leader, we know what it takes to protect small businesses from a wide variety of risks.
          We offer the coverage you need with the personalized attention your small business deserves.
          Our Products
          We provide coverage for a wide range of business classes, including:
          • Restaurants
          • Artisan Contractors
          • Beauty Shops
          • Doctors and Dentists
          • Hotels
          • Grocery Stores
          • Retail and Wholesale Stores
          • Private Schools
          • Professional Offices
          We Are Inspired by Small Business

          We help protect the dreams all small businesses have, allowing their owners to continue focusing on what they love. We work with thousands of businesses across the U.S. to protect them from risk and assist them in keeping their employees safe.

          The relationships between AmTrust, our appointed agents and our insureds are built on inspiration. We partner with our agents to help them and the thousands of small businesses they work with realize their dreams every day. We’re inspired by their hard work and dedication, and are honored to support millions of small businesses across the U.S.
                                AmTrust Inspired Highlights Nonprofit Organizations 

          Why Choose AmTrust?
          Not only do we offer outstanding insurance coverage solutions, but our policyholders also enjoy additional benefits such as:
          • AmTrust Online, our easy-to-use online system that provides 24/7/365 access to claims and policy information
          • Flexible payment choices – Easy Pay, AutoPay, Pay-As-You-Owe® (PAYO®) and more
          • Superior claims management from a team averaging more than 20 years’ experience per adjuster
          • Comprehensive risk management and loss control solutions designed to fit your operation, helping you mitigate losses in the workplace
          small business insurance

          Workers' Compensation

          Enjoy the backing and resources of a leading workers' compensation insurance company nationwide.

          premium audit

          Premium Audit

          We strive to make the audit experience a positive one for our policyholders. Learn more about our process.

          loss control

          Loss Control

          We specialize in risk management solutions. Find out more.

          resource center

          PolicyWire Blog

          Industry news, best practices and trends for commercial insurance agents and the small businesses they serve.

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