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        1. Specialty Casualty

          Our Specialty Casualty team has in-depth experience and the ability
          to tailor coverage for a diverse array of hard-to-place/non-standard risks

          Our Business Focus

          We listen and will work with you to develop both Primary and Excess Casualty insurance solutions in select industry
          segments, including manufacturing, construction,OL&T and service operations, as well as for many other types of small to mid-sized unique and unusual risks.

          Manufacturing & Distribution

          Manufacturing & Distributing

          Serving a niche market, AmTrust E&S Insurance Services provides Commercial General Liability and Products Liability Coverage for a broad spectrum of small to mid-sized manufacturers, distributors and importers of industrial and commercial products.


          Commercial Contractors

          Our underwriting specialists provide customized insurance solutions for small to mid-sized artisan, specialty trade and commercial general contractors engaged in the construction of new commercial buildings and the maintenance, service, repair or remodeling of existing commercial structures.

          Residential Contractors

          AmTrust E&S offers customized Primary General Liability programs. Coverage is offered on a practice- or project-specific basis for contractors engaged in the construction of new buildings and the maintenance, service, repair or remodeling of existing residential structures.


          Hospitality & Leisure

          General Liability and Liquor Liability coverage is available for establishments within sections of the hospitality industry, including restaurants, taverns, lounges, hotels, resorts, spas, theaters/concert venues and other hospitality properties that are susceptible to significant loss potential.
          Apartment building

          Premises Risks

          Premises Liability for lessor’s risk, mercantile and  lessor’s risk (offices, buildings, strip malls, shopping centers, commercial properties), retail stores, convenience stores, vacant buildings and warehouses.

          Excess Liability

          Excess Liability

          AmTrust E&S’s Follow Form Excess coverage offers your clients extra protection with flexible limits up to $5 million. Our knowledgeable, experienced underwriters can respond quickly, providing you convenient one-stop shopping.