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        1. AmTrust E&S Pro

          AmTrust E&S Pro works exclusively through a limited number
          of appointed wholesale brokers, providing niche insurance solutions for many professionals

          Our Business Focus

          Products include errors and omissions (E&O) insurance for lawyers, insurance-related
          service professionals, real estate professionals, financial broker dealers, and other miscellaneous service firms.


          Lawyers Professional Liability

          We offer flexible underwriting guidelines for areas of practice and claims history as well as a wide range of options for limits and retentions.

          Broker dealers

          Financial Broker-Dealers

          We will work to customize the right solutions for Broker Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors and their Registered Representatives.

          Manufacturing & Distribution

          Pro Exec

          Providing customizable professional and management liability insurance coverage, all backed by experienced underwriting and skilled claims management.
          Pro Exec

          Misc. Professional Liability

          Customized E&O coverage for a broad spectrum of non-medical professionals considered harder to place risks as a result of coverage needs.

          Insurance brokers

          Insurance Agents & Brokers

          AmTrust E&S Pro provides coverage for a wide spectrum of insurance professionals, from small, single-location general agents to larger retail and wholesale organizations.

          Real Estate

          Real Estate Professionals E&O

          Coverage available for real estate professionals performing residential and commercial sales, leasing, property/project management.