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        1. Claims

          AmTrust E&S Claims Information

          Report a Claim & Request a Loss Run

          How to Report a Claim

          It is critical to report incidents, claims and lawsuits as
          soon as possible. Early reporting enables the casualty
          claim staff to obtain the necessary information to handle
          the claim fairly and promptly.

          In order to streamline the process of reporting, we have a
          variety of ways to contact the Claims Department.

          Policyholders are encouraged to continue reporting
          the First Notice of Loss through normal channels by
          contacting their Broker for Casualty Claims.

          For Brokers, the preferred method of reporting the First
          Notice of Loss is via our designated email address, set up
          by line of business and provided below.

          By Email

          General Liability Claims:

          Professional Liability Claims:

          Environmental Claims:

          By Mail

          AmTrust North America
          Claims Department
          P.O. Box 650767
          Dallas, TX 75265-0767

          By Telephone or Fax



          Please note: When sending correspondence via mail or
          email, please include the policy number and/or claim


          Loss Run Requests

          For producers and customers eligible to receive summary
          loss information about your account, please submit your
          request, including the AmTrust E&S policy numbers, on
          company letterhead to: